BOHUSLAV MARTINU (1890-1959): Songs, Vol. 4 - 30 New Slovak Songs, H 126, The Three Virgins, H 73, Nursery Rhymes, H 283bis.

Catalogue Number: 05R050

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573447

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: The majority of the material on the final release in this series consists of harmonizations of actual Slovak folk songs which he was commissioned by the Czech government in 1920 to collect as part of a project toward drawing Czechs and Slovaks closer together through art and culture in their newly-created country. So the colors and sounds of folk music which appear in Martinu’s compositions throughout his career are heard in their purest form in these 53 minutes of songs. The 12-minute Nursery Rhymes date from 1940 and were written on various scraps of paper with texts apparently from memory as the composer sweated out his visit to the south of France waiting for his visa for the U.S. to be granted. Texts and translations available online. Jana Hrochová (mezzo), Giorgio Koukl (piano).


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