EDGAR TINEL (1854-1912): 7 Grave Songs, Op. 22, PETER BENOIT (1834-1901): Ik droomde, Gaat de Mensch, GUSTAVE HUBERTI (1843-1910): from Wanderlieder: Lebewohl, In der Ferne, Moregenlied, Nachtreise, Winterreise, Heimkehr, ARTHUR VERHOEVEN (1889-1958): Een liedje van de dagen, Voelt gij die Avondzoetheid, Lied, Stil, over’t verdig sluimrend dorpje, ARTHUR MEULEMANS (1884-1966): ‘t Is stille, ROBERT HOLL (b.1947): De kern van alle dingen.

Catalogue Number: 05R040

Label: Phaedra

Reference: PH 92088

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Ultra-Romantic song collectors will want this disc of Flemish art songs if only for the morbid and lugubrious seven-song cycle of 1879 by Tinel (he commissioned the poet and stipulated the content based on his own loss of a girl to early death) whose mood makes Schubert’s Winterreise seem like a spring wedding party. Huberti, also 25 when he wrote the longer cycle from which these six songs are excerpted, sets his Uhland in a more typically Romantic style where anger and fond reminiscence temper the protagonist’s misery. The other group of some size, by Verhoeven, dates from after 1910 and before 1930 and isn’t the most soothing stuff you’ll ever hear either. Flemish and German texts; English summaries. Robert Holl (bass), Jozef de Beenhouwer (piano).


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