HUBERT PARRY (1848-1918): English Lyrics & other Songs, Vol. 1 - My true love hath my heart, Good Nght, Where shall the lover rest, Willow Song, O Mistress Mine, Take, O take those lips away, No longer mourn for me, Blow, blow thou winter wind, When icicles hang by the wall, To Lucasta on going to the wars, To Althea from Prison, Why so pale and wan, Weep you no more, Of all the torments, Lay a garland on my hearse, Why art thou slow, On a time the amorous Silvy, Follow a shadow, Ye little birds that sit and sing, O never say that I was false of heart, Julia, One silent night of late, To blossoms, Rosaline, Crabbed age and youth, Under the greenwood tree, Shakespeare Sonnets 18, 29, 30, 32 and 89.

Catalogue Number: 05R039

Label: SOMM

Reference: CD 257

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: In a spirit of competition with (and sense of inferiority to) German musical culture, Parry chose to address the genre of song with twelve volumes of English Lyrics, written between 1874 and his death. This volume contains songs from eight of the Lyrics volumes as well as five Shakespeare Sonnets, four of which, ironically, were set in German translation with an eye to that market. Texts included. Susan Gritton (soprano), James Gilchrist (tenor), Roderick Williams (baritone), Andrew West (piano).


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