JOÃO GUILHERME DADDI (1813-1887): Andante cantabile*, Douce Illusion*, Barcarolla*, Il lamento*, JOSÉ VIANA DA MOTA (1868-1948): 3 cenas portuguesas, Op. 9, 3 cenas portuguesas, Op. 18, Serenata, Op. 8*, Ballada, Op. 16. * - World Premiere Recordings.

Catalogue Number: 05R033

Label: Grand Piano

Reference: GP725

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Daddi was a piano prodigy who helped promote instrumental and chamber music in Portugal. His four pieces may look like limp-wristed salon pieces from their titles but they are actually showcases for his keyboard technique (Lizst was so impressed on a concert tour of Portugal that he had Daddi join him in a performance of Thalberg’s Norma Fantasy). Da Mota’s advances in Portuguese nationalism are represented by the half-dozen “Portuguese Scenes” (once recorded by Sequeira Costa, one of this pianist’s teachers, back at the turn of the century on Marco Polo) while the other two works are his own acknowledgement of the popularity of salon-style pieces. Sofia Lourenço (piano).


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