HENRY MADIN (1698-1748): Te Deum, HM 28, Diligam Te, Domine, HM 22.

Catalogue Number: 05R018

Label: Alpha

Reference: 963

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: For those of you into the brazen splendors of the Te Deum genre, here’s one dating from 1744 and associated with the War of the Austrian Succession which, at over 45 minutes is the longest written under the Ancien Regime (only one trumpet, though). The coupling is from 1737 and is in the genre of the grand motet and not unlike one of the same name by Gilles. Anne Magouët, Michiko Takahashi (sopranos), Robert Getchell, Alban Dufourt (tenors), Alain Buet, Geoffroy Buffière (basses), Les Cris de Paris, Stradivaria; Daniel Cuiller.


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