JAROMÍR WEINBERGER (1896-1967): 6 Bohemian Songs and Dances, Passacaglia for Organ and Large Orchestra, Overture to a Chivalrous Play.

Catalogue Number: 05R004

Label: Capriccio

Reference: C5272

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: A rare, all-Weinberger disc of first recordings on CD begins with a nine-minute “overture” from 1931 which is actually a miniature tone-poem in Richard Straussian style whose subject was a late 16th-century skirt-chasing, alcoholic proto-Czech patriot. This is followed by the half-hour set of Bohemian Songs and Dances of 1929 which are largely slow and lyrical (the eight-minute first segment is really another mini tone-poem of lazy woodland rapture with a solo violin); you’ll think of Dvorák only in the fourth and fifth but these are plainly imbued with authentic folk melos. The big (18-minute) Passacaglia - really an Intrada-Chorale-Passacaglia-Fugue sequence - has a dark, serious and faintly foreboding atmosphere which would surely have made his teacher Reger proud. Jörg Strodthoff (organ), Deutsches Symphonie Orchestra Berlin; Gerd Albrecht.


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