Art Song from Flanders

LODEWIJK MORTELMANS (1868-1952): L'ennemi, Ouwemansklacht, Kerkhofblomme, Hoe leutig, HENRY GEORGES D'HOEDT (1895-1936): La lune blanche, Il pleure dans mon cœur, Offrande, Heures d'été, GEORGES LONQUE (1900-1967): Vos yeux, Op. 3, Je n'ai pas oublié, Op. 2, La Question, Au gré des vents, Op. 16, Dernières feuilles, Op. 18, 's Avonds, Faune, Op. 21, Berceuse, Portrait, FLOR PEETERS (1903-1986): 6 Songs on Poems of Alice Nahon, PROSPER VAN EECHAUTE (1904-1964): Octobre.

Catalogue Number: 05Q064

Label: Phaedra

Reference: 92084

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: From Flanders, yes, but half of the 24 songs recorded here are in French, a sign of the long struggle Flemish composers had to get to where they were comfortable commercially about setting texts in their native tongue. The styles range from French Romanticism, a generalized European late Romanticism, Impressionism, elements of new 20th century modernity (but tonal) to an eclectic mix of all the above. The nine French songs by Lonque will delight any collector of the French mélodie, as the composer's admiration of Debussy, Ravel and, especially Fauré (the late, depressive Fauré) come strongly through. French, Flemish texts;  English summaries. Werner van Mechelen (bass-baritone), Peter Vanhove (piano).


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