BÉLA BARTÓK (1881-1945): Complete Choral Works - 27 Two- and Three-part Children's and Female Choruses, Sz 103, Evening for Male Choir, 2 Rumanian Folksongs for Female Choir, Sz 58, 4 Old Hungarian Folksongs, Sz 50 (also 1910 version), 5 Slovak Folksongs for Male Choir, Sz 69 (also version with Hungarian texts), 4 Slovak Folksongs for Mixed Choir and Piano, Sz 70 (also version with Hungarian texts - w/ Zoltán Kocsis [piano]), 6 Székely Folksongs for Male Choir, Sz 99, From Olden Times for Male Choir, Sz 104, 4 Hungarian Folksongs for Mixed Choir, Sz 93.

Catalogue Number: 05Q058

Label: Budapest Music Center

Reference: CD 186

Format: CD

Price: $21.98

No Longer Available

Description: Unlike Kodály, Bartók wrote relatively little for choir and much of what he did was on commission and turned out to be fiendishly difficult to perform - not because he meant it to be but because he was not used to writing for choir (!). This complete recording comes with good, useful notes but in a font which, although large, must be one of the oddest to be used for this purpose. 2 CDs. Hungarian, Romanian and Slovak texts. Choir of selected students of the Liszt Academy of Music Budapest and the Eötvös Loránd University; László Dobszay.


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