FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797-1828): Complete Part Songs for Male Voices, Vol. 1 - Nachtgesang im Walde, D 910 (w/Christoph Prégardien [tenor]), Lied im Freien, D 572 (w/Andreas Waller [tenor], Im Gegenwärtigen Vergangenes, D 710, Trinklied im Mai, D 427, Fischerlied, D 364, Mailied (Der Schnee zerrint), D 202 (w/Andreas Frese [piano]), Frühlingslied, D 243, Lützows wilde Jagd, D 205, Jägerlied, D 204, Goldner Schein, D 357, Der Entfernten, D 331, Widerspruch, D 865, Grab und Mond, D 893, Das Grab, D 569, Sehnsucht, D 656, An den Frühling, D 338, Frisch atmet des Morgens lebendiger Hauch, D 67, Mailied (Grüner wird die Au), D 199, Willkommen, lieber schöner Mai, D 244, Der Morgenstern, D 203, Nachthelle, D 892.

Catalogue Number: 05Q037

Label: Genuin

Reference: GEN 15349

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Pretty familiar with tons of Schubert already? His male-voice pieces set the same wide variety of poets as his Lieder with an understandable leaning toward texts of conviviality but many have the same deep philosophical subjects and are worth getting to know. Almost half of the songs have either multiple horn or piano accompaniments. German-English texts. Samuel Seidenberg, Mirjam Seidenberg, Michael Armburster, Zia Richter-Sonnen, Thomas Sonnen (horns), Camerata Musica Limberg; Jan Schumacher.


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