TOMASZ SIKORSKI (1939-1988): Autograph, Rondo, Zerstreutes Hinausschauen, JOHN TILBURY (b.1936): Improvisation for Tomasz Sikorski.

Catalogue Number: 05P099

Label: Dux

Reference: 0917

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Sikorski's idea of minimalism was much more ascetic and austere than the insistently almost-repeating, overlapping cells dressed up in romantic, diatonic harmony that have come to define mainstream minimalism in the past few decades. Sikorski's pieces are built up of chains of little gestures that can be anything from modal melodic fragments to consonant or dissonant chords to tiny atonal sequences, with only dynamics changing and much attention paid to resonance; the result is more like an obsessively repetitive, slightly disturbed, perhaps malfunctioning carillon than the romantically expressive ostinati of the big names in contemporary minimalism. Tilbury's tribute to his friend and fellow student concludes with his own work for prepared piano, very slow and spare, with Sikorskian gestures sparsely occupying an extended time-frame. John Tilbury (piano).


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