JAN KLUSÁK (b.1934): Inventions No. 1 (Chamber Harmonia Orchestra; Libor Pesek. rec. 1964) and 2 for Chamber Orchestra (Agon Orchestra; Petr Kofron. rec. 1993), No. 3 for String Instruments (Prague Chamber Soloists;  Václav Neumann. rec. 1964), No. 4 for Orchestra "The Burrow" (Ostrava State Philharmonic Orchestra; Václav Jirácek. rec. 1964), No. 5 for Wind Quintet "A Game of Chess" (Prague Wind Quintet. rec. 1970-71), No. 6 for Nonet (Czech Nonet. rec. 1970), No. 7 for Orchestra (Brno State Philharmonic Orchestra; Petr Vronsky. rec. 1986), No. 8 for Small Orchestra "Quadratura circuli" (Prague Philharmonia; Tomás Hanus. rec. 1995), No. 9 for Contralto, Male Choir and Orchestra "In the Autumn" (Jaroslava Maxová [contralto], Prague Philharmonic Choir, Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra; Hanus. rec. 2014) and No. 10 for Orchestra "Tetragrammaton sive Nomina Eius" (Prague RSO; Jirí Stárek. rec. 2010), from Dreams for Orchestra: Perished Happiness (Prague RSO; Ondrej Lenárd. rec. 2013).

Catalogue Number: 05P080

Label: Supraphon

Reference: SU 4163-2

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: Klusák was one of those Czech composers who embraced dodecaphony and was successful for a while in the 60s as the Czech Communist government liberalized more than its more hard-line neighbors (three of these recordings were made in 1964) but he was gradually shut out of his country's musical life after the Soviet invasion. This appears to be a long-overdue recognition of a significant part of his œuvre made while he yet lives (and he provides the notes too). The Inventions span the period from 1961 to 1992 and one easily follows his progression from paying tribute to Webern and Berg to a mature style in which you are only vaguely aware that the technique is serial. Three Supraphon and two Panton recordings; all the rest derive from Czech Radio). 2 CDs.


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