EUGEN D'ALBERT (1864-1932): Das Seejungfräulein for Soprano and Orchestra, Op. 18, Aschenputtel Suite, Op. 38, Overture to Grillparzer's "Esther", Op. 8, Overtures Der Rubin and Die Abreise, Prelude to Act II of Gernot, Prelude to Die toten Augen.

Catalogue Number: 05P002

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573110

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: The largest work here is the 16-minute vocal mermaid-loves-human Hans Christian Andersen story which dates from 1893 when D'Albert was under Wagnerian influence. The other two large works are the 12-minute concert overture suggested by Grillparzer's play (1888 and typical of German late Romanticism) and the 1924 "Cinderella" suite (15 minutes) whose five movements are light and frothy. Remaining are four orchestral extracts from D'Albert's 19 operas, each with its own personality, with hints of both Impressionism and "Orientalism" as required. German-English texts. Viktorija Kaminskaite (soprano), Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra; Jun Märkl.


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