FRANK TICHELI (b.1958): Songs of Love and Life for Soprano and Wind Orchestra, MICHAEL GANDOLFI (b.1956): Flourishes and Meditations, FISHER TULL (1934-1994): Toccata, SCOTT LINDROTH (b.1958): Passage, DAVID DZUBAY (b.1972): Snake Alley, ROGER ZARE (b.1985): Lift Off!.

Catalogue Number: 05O094

Label: GIA

Reference: CD-895

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The Zare is a lively, propulsive toccata, while Lindroth's 'Passage' is contemplative, a personal reflection by the composer, incorporating quotations from his earlier works. Ticheli's 'Songs ...' set optimistic texts to appropriately intimate music, tonal and thoroughly accessible, though with some striking, unusual and unexpected instrumental colors. Tull's Toccata is actually based on a 12-note theme, though the primary impression is of percussive energy and rhythm. Gandolfi's work is a set of variations on a Renaissance melody, which is treated with varying degrees of freedom and a range of styles, while retaining clearly audible links to the original melody. 'Snake Alley' refers to a strange market in Taiwan; Dzubay vividly conjures the odd atmosphere of the place Patty Goble (soprano), North Texas Wind Symphony; Eugene Migliaro Corporon.


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