The Panufnik Legacies

ANDREW MCCORMACK (b.1978): Incentive, CHRISTIAN MASON (b.1984): ...from bursting suns escaping..., CHARLIE PIPER (b.1982): Fleotan, ELOISE NANCIE GYNN (b.1985): Sakura, EDWARD NESBIT (b.1986): Paralells I and II, JASON YARDE (b.1970): Rude Awakening!, MARTIN SUCKLING (b.1981): Fanfare for a Newborn Child, CHRISTOPHER MAYO (b.1980): Therma, ELIZABETH WINTERS (b.1979): Sudden Squall, Sudden Shadow, VLAD MAISTOROVICI (b.1985): Halo.

Catalogue Number: 05O091

Label: LSO Live

Reference: LSO5061

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The Panufnik of these legacies is the widow of the composer Andrej who, along with the LSO, devised a program in 2005 to fund short orchestral works by various British and European composers. Nothing on this disc is longer than ten minutes and most are in the 4-6 minute range. Although one can't characterize all ten works in a short space, suffice it to say that the majority are studies in bursting energy, momentum and force - even the two pieces supposedly inspired by Japanese art and culture. We're not dealing, for the largest part, with melody; the energy on display here is more Magnus Lindberg than Michael Daugherty but this should appeal to collectors of modern orchestral works of non-complexicist materials which aim to communicate with the listener. London Symphony Orchestra; Fran├žois-Xavier Roth.


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