BRITTA BYSTRÖM (b.1977): 10 Secret Doors, YLVA SKOG (b.1963): They Call Her Love, ANDREA TARRODI (b.1981): Zephyros.

Catalogue Number: 05O090

Label: db Productions

Reference: dBCD151

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Each of the ten brief, varied movements of Byström's suite contains the idea of transformation - timbral, textural, atmospheric - suggesting a door opening to reveal a new soundworld. The musical material is largely, if not conventionally tonal, made up of consonant harmony with an emphasis on tone color and overtone series, especially in the brass writing. Familiar sounding elements occur throughout - a hint of Ravel's String Quartet in a pizzicato movement; Daphnis in a passage of rich, warm color; here a vaguely minimalistic pulse, there distant Mahlerian fanfares; elsewhere, sultry bitonality and a gently throbbing bass line that could be by Milhaud. Skog's piece was inspired by the intellect and emotions of a chimpanzee in a learning research project, but in its moods - doggedly persistent, suddenly impatient, tenderly soulful - it could stand for the complexity of relationships of any kind. Tarrodi's Zephyros illustrates Dan Andersson's poem 'Song to the West Wind' in gestures of Sibelian and Nielsenesque nature music forming an evocative tone poem that begins and ends in rustling zephyrs and expands to an impressive summer storm in its central section. Västerås Sinfonietta; Johannes Gustavsson.


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