RICHARD WAGNER (1813-1883): Complete Piano Music - Eine Sonate für das Album von Frau, Sonatas in B Flat, Op. 1 and in A, Op. 4 "Große Sonate" (with two finales), Fantasia in F Sharp Minor, Op. 3, Albumblatt für Ernst Benedikt Kietz, Polonaise in D, In das Album für Fürstin M., Züricher Vielliebchen-Walzer, Ankunft bei den schwarzen Schwänen, Polka in G, Polonaise in D, Notenbrief für Matilde Wesendonck, Elegy in A Flat, Albumblatt für Frau Betty Schott, Schluß zum Vorspiel from Tristan und Isolde, Polonaise in D for Piano Four Hands (Federica Ferrati [duo partner]).

Catalogue Number: 05O044

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 94450

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Of the three sonatas, two are very early and composition exercises: the 1831 B flat, modelled on a Pleyel sonata and the 1832 Große which has a lot of late Beethoven in it while the Wesendonck sonata of 1853 is, while much shorter, a fully mature work anticipating Tristan in places. His occasional pieces mostly date from the 1850 through the 1870s and often refer to themes from his operas. I don't know if the alternate finale to the Große sonata has been on CD before. 2 CDs. Pier Paolo Vincenzi (piano).


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