HANS SOMMER (1837-1922): Sapphos Gesänge, Op. 6, Orchestral Songs: Odysseus, Der Fischer, König und Floh, Der Türmer singt auf der Schlosswarte, Ach neige, du Schmerzenreiche, An den Mond, Mailied, Frech und froh, Des Harfners Gesang, Mignon singt, als Engel angetan, Mignons Sehnen, Symbolum, Wonne der Wehmut, Wanderers Nachtlied.

Catalogue Number: 05N042

Label: Tudor

Reference: 7178

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Sommer was a mathematics professor who quit that for music at the age of 47, when he visited Liszt and offered his Sappho songs to the old master. Orchestrated not much later, they actually anticipate the flowering of the late Romantic Orchestral Song which came later via Strauss, Mahler and Reger. Odysseus dates from the same period; the remainder on this disc are all Goethe settings, dating from 1919-21, with a refined and concentrated expressiveness of great old age. Valuable discoveries indeed! German-English texts. Elisabeth Kulman (mezzo), Bo Skovhus (baritone), Bamberg Symphony; Sebastian Weigle.


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