ERNST VON GEMMINGEN (1759-1813): Violin Concertos No. 1 in A and No. 2 in C, JOHANN MATTHIAS SPERGER (1750-1812): Sinfonia in F "Ankunftssinfonie".

Catalogue Number: 05N029

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 454-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Can you imagine a writer, statesman and amateur composer whose only known compositions are four violin concertos which are practically opera scenarios, such are the cantabile tunefulness and apparent ridiculous ease of creating memorable melody and which, though they date from around 1799, seem to prefigure the early romanticism of Schubert? Well, you don't have to imagine; now you can hear them (and, we hope, the other two soon). The coupling is a 13-minute answer to Haydn's Farewell symphony from the famous double-bass player which begins with two violinists doing a set of variations as the rest of the orchestra gradually arrives in time for an Allegro molto finale. Sperger wrote 45 symphonies. We could certainly use some more on disc... Kolja Lessing (violin), Munich Radio Orchestra; Ulf Schirmer.


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