JAN SANDSTRÖM (b.1954): A Manor Saga, Ocean Child, Éra, Indri/Cave Canem.

Catalogue Number: 05M082

Label: BIS

Reference: CD-1748

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: As in his famous Motorbike Concerto, Sandström is adept at writing music that remains thoroughly accessible, even entertaining, while deploying a wide range of compositional resources of our time. Éra is his first extant orchestral work, a combination of creation-myth and allusions to the Icarus legend, beginning with guttural, clustered rumblings and growlings before expanding into more open harmonies and a cumulatively massive climax. Indri/Cave canem - the subtitle from a mosaic at the villa where the composer was staying - is propulsively minimalistic and a good deal more tonal, with a beautiful slow processional at its center. Ocean Child, the most recent work (1999, rev. 2004) represents Sandström's mature tendency to incorporate many styles, even frankly naïve-sounding, tonal ones, trying to express 'the whole world' - in this case, the many impressions of the undersea landscape - in music. A Manor Saga was commissioned for a ballet, and pays homage to explicitly Romantic models; the composer embraced the idea of a piece of program music destined for a television premiere as a means of reaching a less elite audience; although the piece is recognisably by the same composer as the other works here, its full-blooded romanticism and tonal vocabulary present an especially appealing aspect of his craft. Iceland Symphony Orchestra; Christian Lindberg.


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