GEORG PHILIPP TELEMANN (1681-1767): Ich hoffete aufs Licht, TWV 4:13.

Catalogue Number: 05M018

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 603

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: This is funeral music for the short-reigning Emperor Charles VII who died in 1745 after a short rule of less than three years, putting Hamburg's independence into grave doubt. Hence, the first part of the work is worry and concern, before getting to the actual mourning and the usual religious material. Muted trumpets and timpani are all that join strings and continuo in these 29 numbers, making the astonishingly rich and varied effects well, not astonishing since, after all, this is Telemann here. German-English texts. Gabriele Hierdeis, Annegret Kleindopf (sopranos), Dmitri Egorov, Ulrike Andersen (altos), Georg Poplutz, Benjamin Kirchner (tenors), Nils Cooper, Stephan Schreckenberger (basses), La Stagione Frankfurt; Michael Schneider.


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