AKIRA NISHIMURA (b.1953): Violin Solo: Sonata I "Incarnation", Sonata II "Trance Medium", Sonata III "Characters of Flame", Monologue, Viola Solo: Sonata I "Whirl Dance", Sonata II "Mantra on the C String", Fantasia on "Song of the Birds", Threnody.

Catalogue Number: 05K122

Label: Camerata

Reference: CMCD-28152

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: This disc contains Nishimura's entire output for solo violin and viola to date. The three sonatas form a sort of contrasting set, the first and third fiercely virtuosic, the second also technically demanding but exploring a different soundworld, suggestive of chanting in some arcane ritual. All three employ chordal writing and a variety of unusual inflections and extended techniques. The Monologue was written as a competition piece, and incorporates a compendium of advanced techniques, as well as melodic material of 'oriental' character. The two viola sonatas again contrast with each other; the first energetic and dance-like, the second more melodic, and played almost entirely on the viola's lowest string, lending it an unusual and rich timbre. The Threnody is a long-breathed, richly textured melody with a plaintively vocal lamenting quality, enhanced through the use of microtones, harmonics and dissonant multiple stops. Shunské Sato (violin, viola).


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