GABRIO TAGLIETTI (b.1955): 8 Studi, GABRIELE MANCA (b.1957): 3 √Čtudes d'un ticqueur, 8 Studi meccanici.

Catalogue Number: 05K116

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33827

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: These piano studies for our time are studies in the best sense of the tradition; pieces which explore to the extreme specific technical demands, but do so in the context of pieces of music of intrinsic musical content and value. A vein of humor runs through Taglietti's eight pieces, as well as sometimes very explicit references to previous models (as for example in Catacombe, effectively a transcription incorporating contemporary harmonies of Mussorgsky's movement from Pictures, or Eusebius, which quotes Schumann). The level of piano virtuosity throughout is very high, and so is the sense of extension, rather than rejection, of traditions from the romantic era, or as recent as Messiaen and jazz. Manca's works, with their frequent leaping clusters and nervous ticciness more deliberately limit their musical material, thus sounding more like studies per se - the kind of studies in which a diligent pianist might wish to immerse him or herself before tackling a work by Finnissy, for instance; but here too the vitality and unpredictability of the music amply justifies a concert existence for them as well. Antonio Sardide Letto (piano).


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