MORTON FELDMAN (1926-1987): Patterns in a Chromatic Field for Cello and Piano, Projection I for Cello, Composition - 8 Little Pieces for Cello and Piano, Intersection IV for Cello, Duration II for Cello and Piano.

Catalogue Number: 05K115

Label: Aeon

Reference: AECD 0977

Format: CD

Price: $26.98

No Longer Available

Description: Patterns from 1981 is exactly what it says it is - patterns of little cells or gestures of characteristically slight content which repeat in various, varied sequences. The content of these cells changes often enough to create more of an impression of movement than is sometimes the case with Feldman, though of course it is the movement of the eye over, if not quite an undifferentiated color field then one of Feldman's beloved Middle-eastern rugs, searching for meaning in the intricate design, all surface or foreground texture, no subject. The other pieces, from decades earlier, are freely written graphic, or partly graphic, scores, with some parameters notated and others indeterminate (registers or dyanmics designated, for instance but pitches determined in performance, or sounds precisely notated but durations left to chance, creating the customary Feldman sense of the suspension of time. 2 CDs. Arne Deforce (cello), Yutaka Oya (piano).


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