JON ØIVIND NESS (b.1968): Mad Cap Tootling for Violin and Orchestra, Wet Blubber Soup for Cello and Orchestra, Low Jive for Orchestra, Gust for Viola and Double Bass (Catherine Bullock [viola], Dan Styffe [double bass]).

Catalogue Number: 05K104

Label: Simax

Reference: PSC 1278

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: These works have a lively and restless energy; a thrusting, propulsive quality which emerges to considerable effect in the cello concerto. There is an emphasis on pounding rhythms underlying the complex, somewhat atonal harmonic treatment of melodic material which is sometimes more prominently displayed than is common in some schools of contemporary orchestral writing, but these rhythmic devices seem to be derived from Le sacre as much as anything more recent. Gust is a slow study in timbre, by contrast with the hectic orchestral works, in which amorphous strands of melodic material (if not 'melodies' as such) are woven over a brooding, ominous bass accompaniment; the most recent work, Low Jive applies similar methods to orchestral textures, in a slowly pulsating, dark-hued and somber dance, suggesting elements of the earlier works played at fractional tempi, with an accompanying shift toward the bass register. Peter Herresthal (violin), Øystein Birkeland (cello), Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra; Rolf Gupta, Peter Szilvay.


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