ANTHONY KORF (b.1951): Symphony No. 3 (Riverside Symphony; George Rothman), Presences from Aforetime for Oboe/English Horn, Cello, Guitar, Harp and Piano (Robert Ingliss [oboe/eng horn], Greg Hesselink [cello], Oren Fader [guitar], Stacey Shames [harp], Christopher Oldfather [piano]), 6 Miniatures for Flute with Piano (Tara Helen O'Connor [flute], Oldfather [piano]), 3 Movements for Clarinet Solo (Alan R. Kay).

Catalogue Number: 05K095

Label: Bridge

Reference: 9294

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The symphony, a substantial work of almost half an hour, is a dramatic work of somewhat programmatic content, concerning a nostalgic, rather melancholy meditation on the passage of time and the irrevocable changes in life and landscape it causes. These reflections and similar ideas in the ensemble piece Presences were invoked by reflecting on the way a mere half-century's history had altered the mood and nature of some specific locations, and extrapolating to what the future mght hold. The evocative score suggests some reminiscences of Sibelius and Bartók in a modern but tonally based idiom. The little solo pieces are lighter in mood, lively character pieces which allude to the composer's love of jazz, without being in any sense 'crossover' works.


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