SIEGFRIED WAGNER (1869-1930): Der Schmied von Marienburg, Op. 13.

Catalogue Number: 05K075

Label: Marco Polo

Reference: 8.225346-48

Format: CD

Price: $49.98

Description: All but one of Wagner's dozen completed operas are now available on CD with this release of his last completed work (1920 and premiered in 1923). Set in 1410 Marienburg amidst Teutonic Knights and complicated German history, it has the usual echoes with current events (this time involving Chancellor Hindenburg) which the crudely abbreviated English notes (22 pages in German, 7 in English) make more confusing than they presumably actually are. But, as anyone knows who likes this unusual composer, closer to Humperdinck in his form and style by far than to his notorious father, the music itself is compellingly listenable, even when you only have access to a (quite good and detailed) synopsis, as here. 3 CDs. German libretto available on-line. Karl Schneider (tenor), Rebecca Broberg (soprano), Ralf Sauerbrey (bass), Anne Wieben (mezzo), PPP Music Theatre Ensemble, Munich, Baltic Philharmonic Orchestra; Frank Strobel.


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