STEPHEN PAXTON (1734-1787): Cello Sonatas, Op. 1, No. 1 in A, No. 4 in C and No. 5 in C, Cello Sonata, Op. 4/6 in D, Cello Concerto in G.

Catalogue Number: 05K040

Label: Cello Classics

Reference: CC1021

Format: CD

Price: $21.98

No Longer Available

Description: A rare English Classical composer rescued from oblivion by a novelist (read the notes) and performer Comberti, Paxton was born in Durham but moved to London around 1756 where he spent the rest of his career as a very successful cellist. These shortish (14-17 min.) works (all but one in three movements) exhibit Classical-style melodies but still use continuo bass. Sebastian Comberti (cello), Ruth Alford (continuo cello), Maggie Cole (harpsichord), The Pantheon Band.


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