AGOSTINO STEFFANI (1654-1728): Alarico.

Catalogue Number: 05K019

Label: Concerto

Reference: CD 2039-3

Format: CD

Price: $39.98

Description: For a composer who had considerable influence on the rise of opera in Germany and, in particular, on Keiser, Handel and Telemann, there is precious little of Steffani's stage music on disc, making this world premiere recording of the 1687 Alarico particularly important. Expect lots of arias, most of them virtuosic and requiring great technical skills and stamina - especially in the high tessituras Steffani is so fond of. Note also the significant baritone role - as odd for baroque opera as Handel's tenor role in Tamerlano. 3 CDs. Italian libretto. Stefania Maiardi, Lee Ji-Young (mezzos), Maria Carla Curìa (soprano), Loretta Liberato (contralto), Scarlatti Camera Ensemble; Luca Casagrande (baritone).


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