FARADZH KARAEV (b.1943): Sonata for 2 Players for 2 Pianos, Prepared Piano, Bells, Vibraphone and Tape (Djakhanguir Karaev, Akif Abullaev), Alla "Nostalgia" for 8 Instrumentalists (BaKaRa-Ensemble; Rauf Abdullaev), 1791 for Small Orchestra (Chamber Orchestra of the Opera Studio of the Azerbaijan State Conservatory), Tristessa I for Orchestra (Uz. Gadzhibekov State Symphony Orchestra; Abdullaev).

Catalogue Number: 05J124

Label: Melodiya

Reference: MEL CD 10 01023

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The sonata is a substantial piece in four linked sections, the first two parts are static, the first pointillistic, remote, the second contemplative, consisting of the rapt contemplation of chords and overtones. The third part introduces fragmentary activity, little gestures thrown back and forth between the two pianos, while the fourth is a study in sonority, culminating in the introduction of extended sonorities. Alla "Nostalgia" is a chamber concerto in memory of film-maker Andrei Tarkovsky. The music begins in abstract fragments, slowly developing into a kind of atonal chorale, which in the second section gives way to anguished activity of greater textural density, before freezing into immobility. More fevered activity occurs in part three, characterized by urgent discourses between members of the ensemble, before the final section brings a semblance of calm and resolution, consonant and continuous by the standards of what has gone before. 1791, as the title suggests, is an in memoriam piece for Mozart, and incorporates recognizable quotations into an increasingly dissonant, atonal though always richly sonorous matrix. The overall effect is of a slightly fevered dream in which phantoms of Mozart's music are a recurring, distorted feature. Tristessa I in memoriam the composer's father and teacher is based on three entirely tonal piano preludes by the older Karaev. These are presented on piano and as recordings, while the ensemble adds a somber, darkly gleaming gloss of accompanying sound which gradually coagulates into sonorous dense string clusters with their own texture and character, a barely recognizable efflorescence of the original material. 2 CDs for the price of 1.


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