EMMANUEL NUNES (b.1941): Litanies du feu et de la mer I and II, RUDOLF KELTERBORN (b.1931): Piano Pieces 1-6.

Catalogue Number: 05J106

Label: Guild

Reference: GMCD 7318

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: The compositional methods of the two composers on this disc could hardly be more strongly contrasted, though as the pianist observes, they are united by a poetic quality; the vividness of their descriptive qualities. The Nunes consists of two parts, of free, improvisatory character - in fact, some aspects of the work are left to the discretion of the performer, with literal improvisation permitted within a framework set out by the composer. The sea and fire of the title is evoked very literally, with representations of sparks and sudden conflagrations appearing in flickering passagework and scintillating outbursts, while the swell of deep waters in the first, or the play of light on waves in the second is equally graphically evoked, in a kind of neo-impressionism which is non-tonal but very clear in its representative intent. The Kelterborn works are precisely notated and highly structured, but they too have evocative titles which the music vividly illustrates. There is more conventional piano virtuosity in these pieces- indeed, quite a high level thereof - and each piece explores a different texture or mood, with suggestions of tonality here and there, and finely wrought interplay of contrapuntal ideas, making each piece a concentrated dramatic miniature. See Siang Wong (piano).


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