GEORGE CRUMB (b.1929): Complete Edition, Vol. 11 - Variazioni for Large Orchestra (Odense Symphony Orchestra; Paul Mann), Otherworldly Resonances for 2 Amplified Pianos (Quattro Mani), Night of the Four Moons for Mezzo-Soprano, Alto Flute/Piccolo, Banjo, Electric Cello and Percussion (Jan DeGaetani [mezzo], The Aeolian Chamber Players. Columbia 1974), The Sleeper for Mezzo-Soprano and Piano, 3 Early Songs for Voice and Piano (both DeGaetani, Gilbert Kalish [piano]. Live 2/25/87).

Catalogue Number: 05J095

Label: Bridge

Reference: 9253

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The Variazioni of 1959 is Crumb's first orchestral work. Dedicated to a German dancer, it uses the German musical letters of both his and Crumb's own name to generate motifs and the music is in a style which owes a little to Schoenberg, to Berg, to Dallapiccola, to Bartók and Stravinsky - well, to the most important composers to young musicians in 1959. But the gnomic fragments Crumb produces are painted with the delicate orchestral colors of his later works. In particular, the use of percussion (tamtam, triangle, xylophone, glissandi in the timpani), show that Crumb was already the master of this section of the orchestra which he used later to such great effect in so many of his orchestral works. First recording of the 2002 Otherworldly Resonances, revised by adding two more movements in 2005. Collectors who know Crumb's piano and two-piano music will know what to expect. Texts included.


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