ALEXANDER GURILEV (1803-1858): The Monotonous Little Bell, Guess My Dear, A Seaman's Song, After the Battle, The Sarafan, A Coachman's Song, A Shooting Star, Sad a Bird's Life in a Cage, The Village Watchman, Grandpa, Sad to Live Alone, A Girl is Standing by the Gate, Remembering the Timid Wish, Remembrance, What a Beauty Being Young, You Have Played with My Heart, Goodbye, My Home, The Bird Has Flown, On a Very Cold Night, Ah, Don't Wake Me, Sulyotka's Lullaby.

Catalogue Number: 05J039

Label: IM Lab

Reference: IMLCD014

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: And an all-Gurilev recital with the unusual accompaniment of 19th century guitars (and, in two songs, mandolin). English translations only. Marina Philippova (mezzo), Anna Kowalska, Anton Birula (period guitars).


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