ALEXEI VERSTOVSKY (1799-1862): Gypsy Song, The Black Shawl, ALEXANDER ALYABIEV (1787-1851): I See Your Image, I Loved You, Alas, Why is She Radiant, The Beggar Woman, The Nightingale, ALEXANDER GURILEV (1803-1858): A Toy Heart, The Little Bell, The Lovely Bird has Flown, I Told You When We Parted, Maid's Sorrow, Avert Your Eyes, Don't Look, Parting, ALEXANDER VARLOMOV (1801-1848): The Sail, Angel, Not Long Ago, to Magic Sounds, The Red Sundress, Mary, Do Not Wake Her at Dawn, O Do Not Kiss Me, Do Not Leave Me.

Catalogue Number: 05J038

Label: Northern Flowers

Reference: NF/PMA 9948

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: For anyone who loves German Lieder and who might want to get a good idea of Russian art song, this disc of early romances is a perfect place to start. The notes are good, there are texts, the recordings are new (no bizarrely wobbling mezzo here), the songs are both well-known and more obscure and the Russian soul is present in all its aching melancholy. Transliterated Russian-English texts. Mila Shkirtil (mezzo), Yuri Serov (piano).


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