GINO MARINUZZI (1882-1945): Jacquerie.

Catalogue Number: 05I057

Label: Nuova Era

Reference: 223306

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: The second of three operas written by this noted conductor and champion in Italy of the operas of Richard Strauss was premiered in Buenos Aires in 1918 and is set against the backdrop of the Peasants' Revolt of the 1350s. Lyrical and attractively melodic, it lasts a mere 81 minutes, never outstaying its welcome and is an appealing example of early 20th century alternatives to the dying verismo and to the avant-garde. 2 CDs. Italian libretto. Ilaria Galgani, Martine Surais (sopranos), Miro Solman (tenor), Antonio Salvadori (baritone), Chorus and Orchestra of the E.A.R. Teatro Bellini di Catania; Andrea Licata.


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