JÓZEF ELSNER (1769-1854): Symphony in C, Op. 11, Overtures to the operas Andromeda, Sultan Vampum, Leszek the White and The Echo in the Wood.

Catalogue Number: 05I038

Label: Dux

Reference: 0568

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Symphonies composed in 1805 are rare on the ground and Elsner's offering is a valuable addition to the collection. A German-speaker who only learned Polish as an adult and spent 25 years as director at the Grand Opera in Warsaw, Elsner belongs to a small group (being neither Bohemian, French or Italian) of symphonic composers of his generation. The symphony in many ways prefigures the lyricism and geniality of Schubert's early works in the genre with prominent winds and a reference to the Polish national anthem. The overtures, as early as 1800 and as late as 1808, employ more local color - Polish in Leszek and "oriental" in Sultan Vampum - and are as tuneful and enjoyable as the symphony. Opole Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra; Boguslaw Dawidow.


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