HENRI MARTEAU (1874-1934): 24 Caprices for Violin and Piano, Op. 25.

Catalogue Number: 04W038

Label: Solo Musica

Reference: SM 348

Format: CD

Price: $29.98

Description: The subtitle of Marteau's Caprices: "d'exécution transcendante” is revealing but Marteau has his miniatures accompanied throughout by the piano, unlike Paganini, who uses the violin alone. The violin virtuoso Ingolf Turban considered his own violin class at the Hochschule München predestined for this first recording of all 24 of Marteau's caprices. So together they dared to do the almost unbelievable: all twelve students in his class were involved in this mammoth task, the absolute peak of which, of course, lies in the very elaborate piano accompaniment. 2 CDs. Ingolf Turban and 12 of his violin students (violin), Tomoko Nishikawa (piano).


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