PÁL HERMANN (1902-1944): Complete Surviving Music, Vol. 1 -Cello Concerto (reconstr. Fabio Conti [1967]), Kammersonate for Violin and String Orchestra, Ophélie for Soprano and Orchestra (orch. Conti), Előjáték for 2 Pianos (World Premiere Recordings), Suite for Piano.

Catalogue Number: 04W003

Label: Toccata Classics

Reference: TOCC 0443

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Hermann, born in Budapest in 1902, was not only one of the leading cellists of his generation: he was also an important composer, one of the major figures in Hungarian music in the generation after his teachers Bartók and Kodály. But since only two of his works were published before his early death, in 1944, at the hands of the Nazis, and many more of them were lost, he has not had the esteem that he deserves. This series will present all his surviving compositions, most of them in first recordings. The major work on this first album, Hermann’s Cello Concerto of 1925 in a reconstruction by the Italian composer Fabio Conti (b. 1967), sits somewhere between Bartók and Korngold and deserves to be a staple of the cello repertoire. French-English texts. Clive Greensmith (cello), Kateryna Poteriaieva (violin), Sofia Soloviy (soprano), Alina Shevchenko, Roman Marchenko (pianos), Lviv International Symphony Orchestra; Theodore Kuchar.


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