LEO FALL (1873-1925): Rosen auf Florida (compl. Erich Wolfgang Korngold [1897-1957]) (World Premiere Recording).

Catalogue Number: 04V050

Label: Rondeau Production

Reference: ROP 618889

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: In 1929 Korngold completed this operetta left unfinished at Fall’s death, using handwritten manuscript for the first act and material from sketchbooks to complete the final two acts. Korngold himself wrote: “The music is very much by Leo Fall. I emphasize this point so strongly because it was his music that enabled me to give uninhibited expression to my enthusiasm for this wonderful composition. The work forms part of the trajectory that leads from opera comique to Offenbach, Johann Strauss, and on from there”. 2 CDs. No libretto. Lilli Wünscher, Désirée Brodka (sopranos), Adam Sanchez, Andreas Reiner (tenors), Chorus and Orchestra of the Musikalischen Komödie Leipzig; Stefan Klingele.


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