GAETANO PUGNANI (1731-1798): Quartets II in E Flat and III in A for Orchestra (Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra), CHRISTIAN ERNST GRAF (1723-1804): String Quartet in G, Op. 17/3, GIUSEPPE MARIA CAMBINI (1746-1825): Flute Quartet in D, Op. 1/5, ANTONIO SACCHINI (1747-1818): String Quartet in C, Op. 2/3, LEBRECHT JULIUS SCHULZ (1732-1804): Quartet V in E Minor for Flute, Violin, Cello and Harpsichord.

Catalogue Number: 04V023

Label: Alba

Reference: ABCD 449

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Anders Chydenius was collecting music at a time when public concerts and interest in classical music were just taking their first steps in Finland. His collection occupies an important position in Finnish musical history. Similar, much bigger private collections had long before been made in Central Europe and Sweden, but the musical vision in the spirit of the Enlightenment of the vicar of a small, remote parish was quite exceptional. Kokkola Quartet, Niamh McKenna (flute), Elina Mustonen (harpsichord).


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