GRACE WILLIAMS (1906-1977): Violin Sonata, Sextet for Oboe, Trumpet, String Trio and Piano, Suite for 9 Instruments, Romanza for Oboe and Clarinet, Sarabande for Piano Left Hand, Rondo for Dancing for 2 Violins and Optional Cello (all First Recordings).

Catalogue Number: 04U045

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.571380

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

Description: Three full-length works and three very short ones, all unpublished except for the sonata, give us new insight into the early years of this outstanding Welsh composer. The 1930 (rev. 1938) violin sonata has much of Bartók and Shostakovich in its outer movements but the slow movement, using a folk tune, is in the vein of Vaughan Williams. Almost half the disc is occupied by the sextet (1931), a 31-minute piece, modernist for its time, whose third movement has similarities to Britten and the 13-minute suite from 1934 is even more modern and astringent, at times suggesting Stravinsky. London Chamber Ensemble; Madeleine Mitchell (violin).


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