Futurism and Early Italian Avantgarde

GIAN FRANCESCO MALIPIERO (1882-1973): Preludi autunnali, ALFREDO CASELLA (1883-1947): La notte alta, ALBERTO SAVINIO (1891-1952): Les chants de la Mi-Mort, FRANCESCO BALILLA PRATELLA (1880-1955): La Battaglia from La Guerra, SILVIO MIX (1900-1927): Stati d’animo, Profil sintetico musicale di F.T. Marinetti.

Catalogue Number: 04U038

Label: MD&G

Reference: 613 2112-2

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: These works date from 1913 to 1924, the biggest piece here being Casella’s 25-minute A notte alta which we already know from his later orchestration of it - a work quite in the mood of Verklärte Nacht but not really “Futurist” in attitude. Italian Futurism glorified violence, war, anarchism and misogyny and called for the destruction of tradition. Malipiero’s preludes suggest Debussy and Ravel so we’re left with the 20 minutes of anarchical explosions offered by Savinio, Pratella and Mix to carry the Futurist banner. Steffen Schleiermacher (1901 “Manfred Bürki” Steinway piano).


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