GIOVANNI GIORNOVICH (1747-1804): Violin Concertos No. 13 in A, No. 14 in A and No. 15 in E, Air: Villageoises de Julie (theme and five variations).

Catalogue Number: 04U024

Label: Delphian

Reference: DCD34219

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: One of the most colorful and popular violin virtuosos of his day, of Croatian descent, this musician-composer was seemingly known by a different name in every country he toured (Ivan Jarnovic and Giovanni Giornovichi, among some thirty variants), deliberately making the most of his mysterious origins. More mysterious still is why these concertos – full of wit, charm and character, and redolent of the international musical life of Haydn’s London in the 1790s (from which they date) - by “the Croatian Mozart” are not better known today. Bojan Čičić (violin), The Illyria Consort.


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