ZYGMUNT KRAUZE (b.1938): Aus aller Welt stammende (two versions - New Music Orchestra; Szymon Bywalec and Radical Polish Ensemble)), Automatophone (Ad Hoc Ensemble), Folk Music (WOSPRiTV; Kazimierz Kord), Idyll, Soundscape (Music Workshop Ensemble), TRAD.: Światówka sandomierszczanka, 3 Światówkas (Stanisław Gasowski [violin]).

Catalogue Number: 04T063

Label: Dux

Reference: 1435/1436

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: There are many approaches to the question of how to treat folk or traditional music in the concert hall - harmonisation, bowdlerisation, appropriation, integration, juxtaposition and so on. Krauze does none of these. He takes the original material, notated as authentically as possible, and then presents it according to his preoccupation with Wladyslaw Strzeminski's theory of Unism, the idea that the whole of a work of art is contained in its every gesture, which in musical terms produces an unique version of minimalism. Essentially, one could tune in to the piece at any point without diminishing its effect, and the listener should not be 'distracted' by effects that stand out in relief from the work, and no conflict or narrative progression impede its homogeneous flow, in which the work, or at least discrete sections, proceed at the same dynamic and textural level. So the simple phrases are repeated in overlapping loops, and any vertical harmony is purely coincidental. The music lacks the rhythmic pulse of American, Reichian minimalism, and thus takes on a more amorphous (and markedly dissonant) form, heightened by the pitch inflections common to many traditional musics which depart, to a greater or lesser extent, from concert intonation. Krauze uses folk instruments in several works, "Exploring the sound possibilities of these folk instruments without reference to folklore’ as he put it, and in some cases there is no score, so a high degree of Cagean indeterminacy occurs in the lack of co-ordination between parts within the ensemble. The wedding mazurkas that provide the raw material are included as the opening and closing tracks of each disc. 2 CDs for the price of 1.


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