FRITZ LEITERMEYER (1925-2006): Concerto for Violin and 21 Winds, Op. 21 (Philharmonia Hungarica; Miltiades Caridis. rec. live 1966 - mono), DIETER ACKER (1940-2006): Violin Concerto No. 1 (Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz; Christoph Eschenbach. rec. live 1982).

Catalogue Number: 04T058

Label: Bella Musica

Reference: BM312467

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Leitermeyer was a violinist-composer who had a lengthy and prestigious tenure as first violinist with the Vienna Philharmonic. Not surprisingly, his violin writing is technically challenging and fully exploits the capabilities of the instrument. His concerto, unusually scored for wind orchestra, succeeds in avoiding balance issues by contrasting not only timbres but also sostenuto violin playing versus more generally staccato and shorter note values from the ensemble - as well as judiciously keeping them out of each other's way to highlight the soloist. The piece is very tonal, in three movements; the first vivacious with a dancing character, the second a slow movement which rises to a powerful climax, and the third a lively contrapuntal finale full of fugato writing, with a rather folk-like theme. Acker's concerto is twice the size, written for full orchestra with astounding clarity and economy, and while not atonal, its tense, strained lyricism has more than a touch of the Second Viennese about it. Written for Ferenc Kiss, it is certainly a virtuosic solo vehicle, but less showy, more serious, philosophical and 'symphonic' than the Leitermeyer. A weighty and substantial contribution to the repertory, which deserves to be better known. Ferenc Kiss (violin).


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