ROBERT VOLKMANN (1815-1883): Serenade No. 3 for Cello and Strings, Op. 69, NIELS W. GADE (1817-1890): Novelletten, Op. 53, HECTOR BERLIOZ (1803-1869): La mort d’Ophélie, FELIX MENDELSSON (1809-1847): Symphony Movement in C Minor, GAETANO DONIZETTI (1797-1848): String Quartet in D Minor.

Catalogue Number: 04T031

Label: Klanglogo

Reference: KL1522

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Only the second appearance on CD of Volkmann’s 12-minute Serenade of 1870 while the other comparative rarity is Mendelssohn’s six-minute 1823 movement, a likely practice piece for his first symphony. Oh, the Berlioz? A string orchestra version of a modern-day cello and string quartet arrangement of Berlioz’ arrangement for his 1848 Tristia of an 1842 original for voice and piano. Got it? Mendelssohn Chamber Orchestra Leipzig; Peter Bruns (cello).


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