CECIL ARMSTRONG GIBBS (1889-1960): Crossings, Op. 20, The Enchanted Wood for Piano, Violin and Strings, Op. 25, A Vision of Night, Op. 38, Dusk from Fancy Dress Suite, Op. 82/3, Suite in A for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 101, 4 Orchestral Dances, The Cat and the Wedding Cake from the television operetta Mr. Cornelius (All World Premiere Recordings except Dusk).

Catalogue Number: 04R056

Label: Dutton Epoch

Reference: CDLX 7324

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $18.98

Description: Gibbs wrote light and tuneful music, colorfully orchestrated, often using smaller forces than a full orchestra since things like Crossings (1919) were music for stage plays but such is his ingenuity you’d never guess it. Some things here are in the light music genre, like the Orchestral Dances of 1959 and his most famous work, Dusk, but others are on the “serious” side of that boundary, the most beautiful being the 11-minute “dance phantasy” The Enchanted Wood (also 1919) which has much English Pastoral quality, and the nine-minute tone poem A Vision of Night of 1921 which outsteps its modest size in its effect. The 1942 Suite (15 minutes in five movements) is another good example of a piece “in Old Style” which is on that “serious-light” borderline yet again. Charles Mutter (violin), Ben Dawson (piano), BBC Concert Orchestra; Ronald Corp.


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