GERGELY VAJDA (b.1973): Barbie Blue for Soprano, Baritone and Orchestra (Dóra Érsek [soprano], Róbert Rezsnyák [baritone], Hungarian Public Service Media MR Symphony; Gergely Vajda), Gulliver in Faremido for Narrator and Ensemble (Tibor Szervét [narrator], Umze Ensemble; Vajda), Conversations with Children for Ensemble (Dédalo Ensemble; Vittorio Parisi).

Catalogue Number: 04P092

Label: Budapest Music Center

Reference: BMC CD 202

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

No Longer Available

Description: Barbie-Blue was written for the 125th anniversary of Bartok's birth. The title, while amusing, may give the impression of something rather more frivolous than is actually the case; the tragicomic satire is actually a sophisticated parody of Bartok's opera, cleverly following the outline, dramaturgy, musical form and harmonic vocabulary of the original work - and incorporating some cunningly half-hidden quotations - while maintaining its own identity. The characters are now an unhappily married couple, inescapably bound together while exploring the pain they inflict on each other. Gulliver in Faremido is a contemporary addition to Swift's canon, with the traveller encountering an utopian society of machines who communicate in music and regard humans as uncouth parasites. Here, the music provides a busy clockwork background to the narrator's Swiftian pastiche, with the voices of the mechanical beings suggested by metallic and synthesized sounds in the ensemble. Conversations ... is an instrumental work based on snatches of children's thoughts as recorded by psychologist R.D. Laing, in music that is modern and not simple, yet playful and guileless. Texts included.


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