MICHAEL KAMEN (1949-2003): Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra (Eric Marienthal [sax]), MALCOLM ARNOLD (1921-2006): Water Music, Op. 82, SILVESTRE REVUELTAS (1899-1940): Ventanas, BRUCE BOUGHTON (b.1945): Celebration, ANTHONY LABOUNTY (b.1963): Salmo della rinascita.

Catalogue Number: 04P084

Label: Klavier

Reference: K 11199

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Broughton's Celebration is exactly what the title suggests; an exuberant, upbeat curtain-raiser full of fanfares and high spirits. Highly regarded and sought-after pop/rock orchestral arranger and film composer - his list of credits is endless - Kamen's concerto is attractive, blending elements of popular, classical and jazz styles in a genial, undemanding, melodic work with a certain impulsive drive in the outer movements and sentimental lyricism in the central one, and a tendency to remind one of various bits of popular culture throughout. LaBounty's gently uplifting Psalm has a message of rebirth or renewal, expressed in stately hymn-like stanzas of Graingeresque chromaticism. Arnold's little suite was an occasional piece consisting of fafares, 'English' tunes and echoes of the British brass band tradition. Revueltas' ten-minute tone poem has a rather exaggeratdly sinister, menacing air, with a mournful folk song at its mid-point and raucously dissonant interruptions to its colorfully tonal idiom. UNLV Wind Orchestra; Thomas G. Leslie.


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