JOSEF MAYSEDER (1789-1838): Polonaise, Op. 4, Polonaise Brillante, Op. 12, ENRICO PRAEGER (1782-1854): Tema con variazioni, Op. 26, VICTOR MAGNIEN (1804-1885): Duos Concertants, Opp. 5 & 6, BARTOLOMEO BORTOLAZZI (1773-?): Duo Concertante, V. KRAUS (19th cen.): Variations.

Catalogue Number: 04P036

Label: Emec

Reference: E-041

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

No Longer Available

Description: Mayseder was first violin in the orchestra which premiered Beethoven' Ninth; his Polonaises were written with his two other famous friends as guitarists - Diabelli and Giuliani. Magnien played both instruments and had a significant concert career as well as becoming head of the Lille Conservatory. So these guys knew what they were doing with this instrumental combination and the works are tastful, not excessively showy and a cut above salon music. Gilles Collard (violin), Agustín Maruri (guitar).


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