SETH BINGHAM (1882-1972): Harmonies of Florence, Op. 27, Memories of France, Op. 16, from Pioneer America, Op. 26: Sailing over Jordan, Ut queant laxis, Op. 61, Hymn Fantasy on "Riverton", At the Cradle of Jesus, Annunciation.

Catalogue Number: 04M063

Label: 2L

Reference: OAR-991

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: As we noted when Volume One came out in May 2008 (05J068), Bingham's music is infused with the textures, harmonies, forms and registration choices typical of Vierne, Dupré and Langlais, not surprisingly since the composer studied with Widor, Guilmant and D'Indy and was a life-long Francophile. This goes for the earlier works here which are orchestral (indeed, Memories of France, from 1921, was originally for orchestra) and Impressionistic while the later Annunciation, Riverton (both 1957) and Ut queant laxis (1962) show a more angular, dissonant and contrapuntal style. Christopher Marks (organ of First Plymouth Congregational Church, Lincoln, NE).


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